Here’s what you will need to know if you take home a mouse:

Mice make a great pet, are friendly, entertaining, fairly low maintenance, enjoy the companionship of others & should not be on their own. You can keep females together if enough space is available, but a pair of males only if they are litter mates or have been together from a very young age.

High quality mouse mix or pellets should always be made available in a ceramic bowl. Small amounts of grass hay & fresh vegies should be given daily. Try: broccoli, cabbage, celery, endive, beet/carrot tops, Brussel sprouts, spinach leaves, bok choy, Asian greens, dark leafed lettuce varieties (never iceberg lettuce) parsley dandelion, coriander, basil, dill, mint etc.

Treats may be offered in small amounts. You can provide high quality treat bars & roller treat packs. Small amounts of fresh or dried fruits can also be given (avoid citrus fruits, cheese, chocolate, sweets, raisins, grapes, rhubarb or walnuts).

Small animal vitamin drops should be used weekly. Salt licks or mineral stones provide essential minerals. Replace as necessary.

A water bottle will keep their water clean & cannot be knocked over (changed daily).

Incisor teeth constantly grow & need to be kept trim to avoid dental issues. Flavoured wood chews & gnawing toys should always be available.

A wire or plastic cage can be used as long as it is secure. Mice are intelligent, very active at night & love to climb & play. The cage should be big enough to provide multiple levels. A wheel, tubes & climbing sticks should be available to your mouse & can be moved around frequently to help keep them entertained. Toys should be changed regularly to help stop boredom. Keep your cage in a draft-free area, away from direct sunlight & somewhere they can easily see & interact with the family.

A hidey home should be available to help make them feel secure.

Shavings (used as bedding) should be deep enough to allow mice to exhibit natural nesting behavior. Change weekly & use hutch clean to sanitize the cage.

Small animal wormer (placed in the water bottle for two consecutive days) is used every three months to protect against intestinal worms. Mite & lice spray (sprayed directly) should be used every two weeks during the warmer months & monthly during the cooler months.

This information is only meant as a guide. Do not hesitate us with any questions.

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