First and foremost you need to understand that kittens and rescue pets are for a lifetime and require a big commitment from you and your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/fiancée/lover/flat-mates/landlord/family/children. Looking after them will entail amongst other things - playing, grooming (some need heaps, some need none), litter tray maintenance, feeding (generally dry food), potential vet bills, flea/worm treatments and annual vaccinations. A big commitment!


Our animals at home enrich our lives and there are wonderful benefits of having a cat:

  1. Companionship the unconditional love and loyalty of a cat, is one of the amazing things in life that people of all ages, should celebrate. Most cats simply, increase our sense of well-being and make us feel happier (perfect for kids or spouses of people who are worried they work too hard). Cats put more love in your house.
  2. Health benefits – the large number of health benefits of cat ownership (for adults and children) are very well documented. Including potentially decreased blood pressure and heart rate, lower stress/depression levels, improved self-esteem, less sick days from school or work and decreased levels of asthma and allergies.
  3. Teaches responsibility – cats need to be walked (some of them), fed, cleaned up after and played with. This is an essential life lesson for kids, or for adults looking for that surrogate child.


As mentioned, kittens and rescue pets are for a lifetime and they require a big commitment, but when the time is right, why do people take their kitten home from our store in particular?

We are Aussie-owned, independent and our store has been servicing Sydney’s pet needs for over 10 years. In an industry where reputation is everything, our exacting customers in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs have always demanded a very high standard of quality, service and reliability and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a highly ethical pet store, we have voluntarily re-homed well over 500 rescue pets from various vets and shelters because we believe everybody deserves a second chance.

Every pet we sell comes with a Cooling-Off period, just in case you decide you have not made the right move and you’re not quite as ready as you thought you were. We also give a voluntary lifetime Re-homing Guarantee, so if in five years’ time you happen to get posted overseas, we guarantee to re-home your pet for you.

All kittens and rescue pets come with (cond. apply)–

  • A cooling-off period (we do not encourage impulse buying of pets).
  • A lifetime re-homing guarantee.
  • A written health guarantee.
  • A complimentary vet check after taking home (and all our pets pass a vet check prior to sale).
  • Free health coverage at our vet.
  • Worming, flea treatment, current vaccinations and micro-chipping.
  • 4 weeks free pet insurance. (not all pets eligible)

We also do a huge amount of fundraising for various animal charities (including ‘Save the Cats’). On top of that, we run our highly successful Wishing Tree Appeal.

We cater for people who haven’t owned a pet before, or haven’t for a long time. All our staff are highly trained, experienced and are employed first and foremost on their dedication to animals. They are amongst the true animal-lovers of this world, foregoing other opportunities just to work with pets. They (along with our vets) are ready to advise, every step along the way.

Sydney cats twenty years ago, were very different, living outdoors, covered in fleas, in need of a wash and scratching everything. Nowadays cats tend to be a much more integral part of the family, indoors, flea-less, non-smelling and scratching on their scratching-post. Looking after cats is much easier now due to wonderful new products. E.g. flea/worm control is now a monthly squirt on the back of the neck and with premium, completely balanced dry foods, poos tend to be small and dry.

There are plenty of kittens that are suitable to small yards, townhouses and apartments.

Remember, kittens and rescue pets are for a lifetime and they require a big commitment.

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