The Pets Australia Pet Rehoming Policy - Terms and Conditions as followed by Room 4 Pets Bondi


This document is to be given to the new owners of any dog or cat at the time of purchase.

The Pets Australia Pet Rehoming Policy applies to this store. Please see the Rehoming Policy Document for the details of how the scheme works, but it relies on the pet store or the breeder from whom you buy your pet working directly with you to avoid your pet becoming unwanted or euthanased.

If in the future it becomes impossible for you to continue to look after your pet, you can bring this pet back to us.

We will

- rehome the pet from this store

- move the pet to an appropriate “no kill” shelter for rehoming

- work with the breeder of this pet to ensure that the pet is rehomed

We commit to this Rehoming Policy in good faith and subject to the conditions below we will rehome the pet from this store:


  1. Outside the mandatory three day period after purchase during which a percentage of the price must be refunded to the owner; and any additional refund or health arrangements offered by this store in separate policies, NO REFUND IS PAYABLE.  Our belief is that pets should be a forever purchase, not a “buy on consignment” item
  2. Dogs & cats will not be accepted over the age of 7 years except with the written permission of the pet store owner. Dogs and cats are members of the family and stress when rehomed, this worsens with age.
  3. Dogs and cats that are ill or have behavioural problems will not be accepted and will be vet checked prior to accepting their return. We will have our vet check the pets in good faith and advice.
  4. You must provide documentation to prove that you are the legal owner of the pet at the time of surrender and that it was bought at this store. This may include proof of purchase documents, microchipping records, your licence, veterinary records or bills etc.
  5. You must sign a release form that gives legal ownership back to the store. This is a legal requirement that then allows the store/breeder to notify microchipping agencies and release legal ownership to the new owner. There is no cooling off period if you surrender your pet for rehoming.