The staff at Room4Pets were integral in our desire and ability to adopt our rescue cat, Schnitzelbaum.

Right from the very start they were very helpful and accommodating in letting us get to know the little feline, allowing us as customers to spend a lot of time with him and answering our many questions whilst sharing their wisdom.

They were always friendly and smiling, with no request too much to ask for. When we had enough evidence that he was comfortable and happy spending time and playing with us, we decided to take him. However, coincidentally, it was unfortunate that we were going to be away for a month. The staff advised us that Schnitzelbaum was too young to go to a cat sitting home, which proves that they are genuinely concerned about the welfare and wellbeing of their pets.

In order to solve this issue with a can do attitude and provide service over and above what would be expected, the staff themselves offered to look after Schnitzel for a whole month by taking it in turns to take him home and bring him back to the shop every day. Wow! They didn't need to phone anyone, they had the autonomy to make the decision there and then on the spot.

Not only that, but the experience the staff have through having their own pets meant that they could also train Schnitzel and teach him some 'etiquette', which was lacking from his early days without a mother.

In summary, we adopted a cat, left him to be happily cat sat by the staff, who also trained him for us! All because they knew he would be going to a good home and wanted the best for him. Bravo team :)

Mark Stone,